Joy's Dance Company

Spring 2012 Recital Photos

Photo CD Details


Important info below...Please take the time to read this if you are considering buying a photo CD.  Thank you! 


We normally focus on sales of prints and products from events that we work.  However, being our first dance recital, we feel the need to change things up a bit.  We didn't not realize so many many dancers would be in so many numbers.  When we finished going through the photos, we realized how many great pictures we had of so many dancers.  We know that at our print prices, it would be too expensive to get all the photos of your daughter.  While we still want to make some money to help cover our time and expense, we want these pictures to be enjoyed by your families for years to come (and not just sit on our webserver because you could not afford to get everything you wanted.)


We recommend that if your daughter was only in one or two dance numbers that you choose your favorite prints and purchase prints from our website.  However, if your daughter was in more than a handful of photos, we recommend you considering purchasing a photo CD from us.  


As an aside - some photographers offer a digital download of an image at anywhere from $20-100.  This is because some people want the original image and they can get prints or other photo products and don't want to go through the photographer.  Once a photographer sells the image, the photographer generally will not ever make any more money off that image, so that is why digital downloads are usually pretty steeply priced.  Our normal price for a full-resolution digital download is $29.95.


We want the parents to be able to enjoy these photos of their daughters!!  So we want to make the digital products very affordable for you.  Please refer to the chart below for prices for our photo CDs.  Please note that these will be the full resolution images that you see on the website.  You will be given a digital document giving you permission to get any prints from these images.  There will also be a digital license agreement saying that these images are for your personal use only and you will not use these images for profit.  


All that being said, details are below.  Please email us to order your photo CD.  Unfortunately, I have yet to figure out how to do this through the website.  Until we find a better way, you will need to write down the names of all the photos that you want.  The photo name is located under each photo.


Number of Photos Price Price per additional photo
1 $15 N/A
2 $27 $10
5 $50 $7.50
10 $75


20 $100 $3
40 $150 $2

Shipping and Handling will be $5 per photo CD.

An example would be if someone wanted 24 photos on a CD.  The price for the 20 would be $100 and the additional 4 would be $12 for a total of $112.  

At our regular print prices 40 4x6 prints would be $178.  With the CD you can get your own prints for cheaper at your own lab plus you have the original files to use later, put on Facebook, etc.


If these prices do not cover the number of photos that you want, please let us know how many and we will work with you.  There are some dancers we may have over 100 photos of.